You’ve probably seen lots of kids and teenagers running around with metal braces on their teeth. But did you know that adults can also be excellent candidates for orthodontic treatment?

Even if your teen years are well behind you that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from braces. In fact, adult orthodontic patients usually have many more treatment options to choose from than kids do.

Gone are the days when braces represented immaturity. Many adults these days are looking to straighten their smiles with orthodontic treatments because they care about the health and appearance of their teeth. It’s never too late to start taking good care of your smile!

Why Straight Teeth Mean Healthy Teeth

Why is having straight teeth such a big deal?

It’s about far more than just outward appearances. Teeth in proper alignment are better suited for biting and chewing than those that are twisted, gapped, or tipped over. This is because poorly-aligned teeth prematurely wear each other down from putting pressure on the wrong areas. If your teeth are crooked, they’re more likely to suffer from gum recession, sensitivity, and trauma than if they were in their proper positions. They are also harder to keep clean. Straightening out your misaligned teeth can actually spare them some serious complications and extend their life expectancy.

What Are Your Orthodontics Options?

Kids often need classic metal brackets and wires to prevent their tooth alignment from getting any worse. Older teens and adults usually qualify for some of the metal-free and more responsible orthodontic treatment options.

Ones such option is Clear CorrectⓇ. Clear CorrectⓇ is a popular metal-free clear aligner orthodontic system. It uses a series of plastic custom-made trays to gradually coax teeth into proper alignment. Many adults prefer Clear CorrectⓇ over traditional braces because of its low visibility and convenience.

You can simply remove your trays for easy eating and oral hygiene. There’s no avoiding hard or chewy foods and no flossing around sharp wires. ClearCorrect is a good option for those who need very limited treatment since it offers more cost-effective short-term treatment plans. ClearCorrect is easily removed at meal time and is easy to clean.

Others may not ever realize you’re straightening your teeth while you go through treatment with a clear aligner. You can just surprise everyone with the subtle change when they realize one day how great your smile looks!

What if you have only one tooth that’s just slightly twisted or gapped and doesn’t pose a threat to your oral health?

If it doesn’t seem worth embarking on an orthodontic journey to fix, you might qualify for an ortho hack like bonding the tooth or placing a veneer to make it look straight.

There are virtually endless options for adults seeking orthodontic treatment. Dr. Guzmán is ready to help you get started by assessing your smile and recommending multiple potential solutions.

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