Dentistry Treatments for Children

Here at Asiri Family Dentistry, we’re passionate about providing quality dentistry treatments tailored to the unique needs of your growing children!

Even Baby Teeth Need Dentistry Treatments

Baby teeth are just as important as adult teeth and in some ways even more so. They’re vital for speech development and emotional well-being, affect children’s social ties, and most importantly, allow kids to have a healthy diet. Without healthy teeth, children can experience nutritional deficiencies.
Baby teeth are also placeholders for adult teeth. They need to stay in place until the adult teeth are ready to come in. If those baby teeth fall out too soon, the adult ones can grow in crooked or out place.
It’s dangerous to allow baby teeth to simply rot away. The decay can spread to infect the incoming adult teeth, as well. Baby teeth may just “fall out anyway,” but those adult ones are there to stay. The primary teeth are supposed to pave the way for healthy adult smiles in the future.
A toothache hurts a child every bit as much as it hurts an adult. Here at Asiri Family Dentistry, we can’t stand seeing a child in dental pain. Treating even a small baby tooth can bring relief and a smile to our tiniest patients. We love being able to help out!

Caring for Children’s Teeth

Most dental diseases can be avoided entirely with age-appropriate teeth cleaning methods.

Brush and floss your child’s teeth for them until they’re able to do it on their own. This is usually around the time they can tie their shoelaces on their own. Continue to supervise your children’s oral hygiene as they grow, helping them out with spots they may miss.

Regular dental checkups are another very important part of child dental health. Bring your child to visit Dr. Michael Guzmán at Asiri Family Dentistry at least once every six months. At each visit, you’ll also get some tips on maintaining a healthy oral hygiene routine for your child.

Signs Your Child Is Ready for the Dentist

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends children see a dentist by their first birthday or by the time their first tooth is in. This first visit is primarily a developmental check to make sure there are no issues as teeth emerge.

There’s no need to wait until your child has a toothache to plan a trip to the dentist. In fact, if you wait until there is a problem, it could be too late. It’s better to bring your child for their first dental visit while they’re feeling fine. This way, your child won’t associate dental care with pain and the dentist will have a chance to identify problems before they can cause your child discomfort.

Dentistry Treatments for Children of All Ages

If children’s teeth become decayed or damaged, they have many of the same treatment options as adults do including fillings, crowns, and even root canals.
Tooth alignment and oral hygiene are big concerns for many kids as they get older. Your child should have their first braces evaluation by the age of seven to determine whether or not they need early orthodontic intervention.
Some children are interested in cosmetic treatments for their teeth. When you visit Asiri Family Dentistry with your child or teen, Dr. Guzmán will discuss some age-appropriate procedures for issues like stained or missing teeth.
What will your child’s experience at Asiri Family Dentistry be like?
You’ll meet a supportive and understanding staff, hear easy-to-understand dental language, and enjoy a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The first visit includes reviewing your child’s complete health and dental history. The dentist will check bite development and look for signs of decay. Your child may qualify to receive a basic dental cleaning that very day, as well. Older kids will learn about potential braces options. You’ll learn more about ways to improve your child’s oral hygiene to promote a healthier smile.
If any dental treatments are necessary, Dr. Guzmán will let you know what your child’s options are and when to take action.
You’ll get answers to all of your questions about your child’s dental health and talk about preventative procedures like dental sealants and fluoride treatments.

Gentle Dentistry Treatment for Children in The Woodlands

Are you searching for a gentle pediatric dentist in The Woodlands? Dr. Guzmán loves kids and has years of valuable experience in treating tiny teeth. He also speaks both Spanish and English. These skills enable him to connect with families from a variety of backgrounds.
Our goal at Asiri is to keep your child’s first dental appointment positive and relaxing for them and enlightening for you. We want to see your family leave our practice feeling inspired to embrace a positive attitude towards dental health.
Call Asiri Family Dentistry today to schedule an appointment for your children.