General and Cosmetic Dentistry For A Better You

How important are your teeth to you? Not only do they let you smile with confidence, but healthy teeth are essential to your overall health. You depend on them to eat a variety of nutritious foods. Your teeth are also linked to the rest of your body. Having excellent dental health lowers your risk for developing other health complications.
General and cosmetic dentistry are the keys that will help you maintain a gorgeous and healthy smile for life.
What does Asiri Family Dentistry have to offer you and your loved ones?

General Dentistry for Every Dental Need

Dr. Michael Guzmán, a general dentist in The Woodlands, strives to improve your dental health with the ultimate goal of keeping your whole body healthy.

Whether you have a toothache, need a dental cleaning, or just want advice on picking the right toothpaste, general dentistry has the answers for you. General dentistry covers a wide range of preventative and restorative dental treatments.
Some common preventative dentistry procedures include:

Professional dental cleanings


Fluoride treatments

TMJ Examination


Oral cancer screenings


And more

These services will help you detect problems early on and even avoid them altogether. But what if it’s too late and cavities or gingivitis have already set in? Dr. Guzmán can restore the health, function, and comfort of your smile through procedures such as dental fillings, crowns, gum therapy, and root canals and others.

General Dentistry in The Woodlands

General dentistry is about far more than fixing teeth. At Asiri, we believe the highest standard of dental care emphasizes education. Your dental care with our team will include personalized dental hygiene advice and recommendations.
Do your gums hurt when you brush your teeth? They won’t anymore after we teach you an efficient new technique.
Still searching for the right kind of dental floss? We can help you there. Are you trying to quit smoking? We can help, too. Can’t get rid of stubborn stains or bad breath? We’ll show you what to do.

At Asiri Family Dentistry, we pride ourselves on our individual-focused approach. Each patient represents a precious opportunity to make a positive impact on someone’s life. By offering the best general dentistry in The Woodlands, we hope to achieve six goals for patients just like you:

  • Eliminate pain.

  • Reassure our patients by prioritizing their comfort.

  • Give our patients access to the resources they need to reach their smile goals.

  • Equip our patients with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their dental care.

  • Boost our patients’ confidence so that they can smile with pride.

  • Empower our patients by putting control of their oral health back in their hands.

Call Asiri Family Dentistry for the finest general dentistry in the area. Our English- and Spanish-speaking team is excited to partner with you in your efforts to live your best and healthiest life!

Cosmetic Dentistry—Love Your Smile!

In addition to general dental care, our team is proud to offer state-of-the-art cosmetic dental enhancements.
Confidence is a crucial human quality. Like everyone else, you deserve to have healthy levels of it. But all it takes is one little discolored or missing tooth to bring your confidence crashing down.
Having a gorgeous smile is key to having confidence in yourself. That’s why pursuing cosmetic dentistry to improve your smile can have a profound impact in your confidence. Do you have a tooth that’s stained, crooked, chipped, or even missing? Whatever the problem may be, there’s a cosmetic dental solution out there that’s right for you.
Depending on your smile needs, you may benefit from one or more of the following cosmetic dental procedures:

Teeth whitening

Dental implants

Dental bonding


Cosmetic dental crowns

Even if you only need a simple filling or crown to repair a cavity, Dr. Guzmán will design it to esthetically enhance your smile as much as possible.
Cosmetic dentistry is painless and far more affordable than you may realize. A better smile is within your reach!

The Woodlands Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Guzmán and the rest of us here at Asiri Family Dentistry are committed to getting you a smile you’ll love. We provide general and cosmetic dentistry that contributes to the health and beauty of your smile so that you can show it off with confidence.
Our cosmetic dentist Dr. Guzmán focuses on achieving results that do more than just fix problems with your teeth. He wants your smile to look amazing! It’s an important piece of who you are so you deserve to have it look great.
For comprehensive general and cosmetic dentistry for the whole family, look no farther than Asiri Family Dentistry in The Woodlands, Texas.